Testimonial | Dietitian ​Priyanka did the impossible

Dietitian ​Priyanka did the impossible

By  On: 24 January 2015

As a rule I hate diets and distrust people who recommend them! But that changed when I signed up for a 3 month weight loss diet programme with Dietician Priyanka. She made sure I was never hungry, always ate right and the diet suited my lifestyle and my own taste buds and food preference. I wasn’t really trying to lose weight and was only trying to eat right, but I still managed to lose several inches and quite a bit of weight! 
​Dietitian ​Priyanka did the impossible – she actually made diet plans fun! Thank you my Dietician

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Weight gain has nearly as many causes as there are people who struggle with it. Whether you're dealing with stress eating, cravings, or a slow metabolism, understanding the factors affecting you is key to achieving your weight loss goals.   works with you to understand your specific needs and develop a plan to change your life and achieve sustainable success.

The key to successful weight loss is developing healthy diet and exercise habits.Weight loss and weight gain is equally difficult without any dietary changes. Eating a healthy and balanced diet according to the individual requirements,preferences and medical conditions will help you in getting a good health and getting the desired result, This service will help you in reaching goals through customised diet plan as per the individuals requirement which includes daily diet plan, taking follow ups every week,  available on call and msgs whenever required,Turn your goals in reality with personalized  support on every step of the way .


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Priyanka  Bhawalkar
Dt. Priyanka Bhawalkar
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